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Just for fun:
With 30 years experience we understand that some occasions require a unique form. Over the years with have provided some great alternative ideas to help you make a successful day, whether you are aiming to raise funds for a charity or adding some team building to a corporate event. Take a look at our gallery below to see a flavour of previous events organised for our clients (click on the images to see more detail).


Race nights: Race Nights have proved amazingly successful in raising funds, no other event is so versatile and so much fun.

Horse racing: The idea is that you bet on a number rather than a horse, which classifies the game more like a lottery based on luck rather than skill (and is not governed by the laws of gambling). Our race night package includes 8 x races, race cards, PA and projector andmaster of ceremonies. We recommend selling the Tote Tickets at £1 each. Betting is on a win basis only and you can add sponsored races, horse owenership, ticket sales, auctions and tote takings in order to raise more funds in a fun and engaging way. At the close of betting simply enter on the Tabulator Form the number of tickets sold for each runner. From the total money taken deduct a percentage for your club/charity. Divide the remaining money by the number of winning tickets. We suggest that you round down payout amount to the nearest 50 pence. All books of tote win tickets start at number _ _ _01. We use a large screen video projection system and high quality pa with horse racing video footage from various courses in the country including both jump and flat races.

A night at the dogs: Works on the same principle as the Horse racing but we use Greyhound footage on the large screen video projection system. Our race night package includes 8 x races, race cards, PA and projector and master of ceremonies.